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TPS Alumni

Who are TPS Alumni?
  • Students who have graduated high school and took TPS classes in high school.
  • Parents of students who took TPS classes in high school.
  • Supporters of TPS, including family, friends, donors, and others who support our mission to provide an affordable education anchored in traditional academic standards and an integrated biblical worldview.
Why do we have a TPS Alumni email list?

TPS has been providing top-quality courses since 1997. We have tens of thousands of former students and parents worldwide. Over the years, we have received many requests to be able to stay in touch with TPS without having to receive all the course and enrollment-related emails.

What mails are sent to the TPS Alumni list?
  • Significant events
  • Student awards and accomplishments
  • Special features from clay Magazine, Fotia chapel, or other TPS student groups
  • TPS certifications and milestones
  • TPS job openings
  • TPS donation opportunities

Historically, this is fewer than ten mails per year.

What is not sent to the TPS Alumni email list?
  • Enrollment and course information
  • Non-TPS promos or announcements (we never share contact information or support third-party advertising)
How do I get on the TPS Alumni email list?
  • Complete the simple form below.
  • Then, check your inbox and click the link in the confirmation email you should receive. (Note: You are not on the list until you click the confirmation link.)
  • You may unsubscribe anytime (every email has an “unsubscribe” link).
  • If you are accidentally dropped off the list (e.g., this can happen if you let an email go to spam), no worries — you can re-subscribe here anytime.

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