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TPS Summer Camp – Paintball, Confidence Course, Climbing Wall, Campfires + More!

TPS Graduation 2022: For detailed information about TPS Graduation 2022, please go to the TPS Graduation page.
TPS Summer Camp 2022 Registration is open!

TPS Summer Camp 2022 is scheduled for June 5-11 at Miracle Mountain Ranch in rural Pennsylvania. Spend a week with TPS friends doing activities like paintballing, craft shop, confidence course, archery, team sports, horseback trail rides, team games, rock climbing wall, sporting clays (shooting), horsemanship lessons, and more! (Click the image above to view a short video showing some of the many activities at TPS Summer Camp.) Meet TPS teachers and staff. Parents are welcome to come and relax or participate in select camp activities, and there is optional programming just for parents. There is also some family housing available for those who want to bring younger kids. At the end of camp, everyone is invited to the TPS Graduation ceremony.

Gender, Age, and Social Considerations

The camp is offered as an inclusive social, relational, and spiritual opportunity for students to build platonic friendships outside of cliques, exclusivity, or social hierarchies. Single event gatherings based on shared interests (e.g., TPS French students eat at the same table for a particular meal) will be encouraged and supported, but exclusive groups (e.g., small group of students schedule all events and shares all meals together exclusively) will be actively discouraged. “Couples” behavior, both physical and non-physical, between students will be proactively prohibited for the entire duration of the camp, even if the students are in a long-standing relationship and both students have parental approval to behave as a couple.

For security, safety, and privacy reasons, bunkhouses will be segregated by biological age group and gender. Bathhouses are segregated by biological gender. The camp is a rugged and rustic setting with no facilities or provisions for other age or gender considerations. There is also limited family housing available for parents with small children (below camp participation age), but family housing may not be used to include older students (i.e., students old enough to be registered as a camp participant). A certified camp staff adult will be assigned to each bunkhouse, but no other adults (including parents) will be permitted in the student bunkhouses.

Covid and Medical Considerations

Gathering is a choice with benefits and risks. Masking, testing, and vaccination options mitigate but do not eliminate risks. The summer camp will be open to all. Weather permitting, most activities are outdoors. However, sleeping, eating, daily chapel meetings, and selected activities are indoors. There will be no accommodation to separate participants (students, parents, or staff) — including sleeping, eating, meetings, indoor activities, or outdoor activities — based on masking, testing, and vaccination. (However, as with any private event or camp, participants who are symptomatically ill with any illness may be separated for medical reasons to assess or treat the symptoms.)

The camp follows the laws of the State of Pennsylvania. Currently there are no masking, testing, or vaccination mandates in place or anticipated. In this status, participants will not be asked for private medical information except through a standard medical information form and waiver signed by a parent, required for medical emergencies and protected by privacy laws. Participants who choose to mask and those who choose not to mask, indoors or outdoors, will both be equally respected, and individual efforts to impose masking, testing, or vaccination preferences (in favor or opposition) on other participants (students, parents, or staff) for any reason will not be permitted. If the State of Pennsylvania changes its laws (not anticipated to occur), the camp will conform to the changes.

Since the general facts and risks of Covid are known (or knowable), there will be no refunds for individual decisions to cancel after registration, even due to changes in the perceived individual medical risk. In the unlikely event that the camp is cancelled by external mandate (e.g., state pandemic response), refunds will be provided to all participants minus a small transaction fee to cover the original transaction cost paid by TPS (credit card companies, including PayPal for Non-profits, have never provided any fee relief or refund even during the height of the original unforeseeable Covid cancellation refunds). Refunds will not be provided for individual decisions or for travel restrictions, including travel restrictions that change outside of individual control.

Photos, Devices, and Privacy Considerations

Devices distract students from the rustic context and relational opportunities of the camp, and also introduce privacy concerns where photos, videos, and information about others may be recorded without their permission (or knowledge). Students are not permitted to bring computers or tablets. Phones are permitted, but they will be held for safekeeping by the camp staff. Students who bring phones will be given access to them for a short period each day to call parents (students may also use a camp phone to call parents, so they are not required to have their own). For those who want photo and video memories of the week, camp staff photographers will actively shoot photos and videos all during the week and make the content available for download at the end of the camp.

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