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Homeschool Transcript and Portfolio

TPS offers a transcript for every course taken in TPS Credit status. We also provide everything you need to report a course on your own homeschool transcript, which also allows you the flexibility to take the course in No TPS Credit (i.e., no TPS transcript) status if you prefer (except AP courses). Which you choose will depend on your individual academic requirements, goals, and individual preferences. Considerations for deciding whether you want a TPS transcript are explained in the Transcripts information.

For those who want to print and compile their own academic records (including a course “syllabus” for the purpose of obtaining credit outside of TPS), we provide a printable report that includes the description, texts and materials, and topics and objectives. We also provide access to every individual assignment with its feedback and grade.

In building and presenting your homeschool transcript and portfolio, please do not use TPS’s school name, logo, or credentials on your documents. If you want to use our credentials, please request our official transcript.

Syllabus (Description, Texts and Materials, and Topics and Objectives)
  1. Log in to the Student StudyPlace ( or Parent StudyPlace (
  2. Classes icon.
  3. Change the drop-down from Current to All.
  4. Select a class.
  5. Overview tab: Print a report that includes description, texts and materials, and topics and objectives.
Course Grades, Assignment Scores, and Assignment Feedback
  1. Log in to the Student StudyPlace ( or Parent StudyPlace (
  2. Grades icon.
  3. Select a class on the left side.
    • For course grades (running and final) and semester grades, see the lower right area with the yellow background.
    • Assignment scores are visible in the upper right view. To print all scores and grades for a single course, select the course on the left and then use the Print button on the top.
    • To see detailed feedback for a completed assignment, select the assignment in the upper right and click Details and Feedback at the bottom of the window.
Weighted Average Grade Calculation

This math-based explanation is provided for students and parents who want to see how weighted average grades are calculated, or who want to calculate their own weighted average grade. This is a standard weighted average calculation, not unique to TPS or StudyPlace.

For example, to calculate a First Semester grade from a Running Grade report, first make sure that all assignments for that semester have been graded (usually within a week after the end of the semester). Then for all the First Semester grade categories, calculate:

(Category 1 Weight x Category 1 Grade + Category 2 Weight x Category 2 Grade + …) / (Category 1 Weight + Category 2 Weight + …)

The result is a First Semester weighted average grade.

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